• Set the PATH and other environment variable
  • Use of shell history facility and edit previously entered commands.
  • Automating Tasks using scripts
  • CLI Tools & uses
  • Use the Linux shell to execute commands and manipulate files.

LPI General Linux II

  • Identify the function of the Linux kernel and its associated features.
  • Identify the steps and associated tasks involved in preparing for Linux kernel
  • installation.
  • Create & Edit Linux kernel configuration files
  • How the Linux Kernel is built.

Red Hat System Administrator

  • Graphical installation of Linux
  • Managing physical storage
  • Terminal & the command line interface
  • Learning how to install and configure local components and services (RPM)
  • Establishing network and securing network services
  • Understanding the Linux Directory Structure
  • Managing and securing files (file types & file permissions)
  • Administrating users and groups (user types, permissions & privileges)
  • Deploying file-& print (CUPS) sharing services
  • GUI-based tools and key command-line uses (Editors/Regular Expression, parsing)
  • Job scheduling and the use of CRON
  • Deploying Linux in a windows environment – CIFS & NF.

Basic security skills

Hands on Lab Training

  • Installing Linux – Use Cases & Competency Evaluation
  • Adding Storage, Creating File Systems and Partitions – Use Cases & Competency Evaluation
  • Linux hands-on Configuration – Use Cases & Competency Evaluation
  • Linux Shared Services in a Windows Environment – Use Cases & Competency Evaluation
  • Building & Configuring Directories– Use Cases and Competency Evaluation
  • Creating Files and granting File Permission – Creating Hard and Soft Links
  • Adding Users and granting User Permissions – Use Cases & Competency Evaluation
  • Creating Scripts – Using BASH Shell – Use Cases & Competency Evaluation
  • Managing Processes – Use Cases & Competency Evaluation
  • Execute Basic Operator Tasks – Use Cases & Competency Evaluation
  • Task Automation using Scripts – Uses Cases and Competency Evaluation
  • Task Scheduling using Cron – Use Cases & Competency Evaluation
  • Linux troubleshooting scenarios – Practical problem scenarios, troubleshooting
  • steps, resolution and Competency Evaluation.