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Brainwork™ Testing Service Offering


Brainwork offers outsourcing QA and testing services. We help IT vendors to succeed with their software products in the market as well as assist enterprises and investors to ensure that bespoke or innovative IT solutions meet requirements and work properly.

ITS (Independent Testing Services) has core competence is testing e-Business, SOA, Progress, Java, & .NET, applications. Strong educational and engineering background-year hands-on experience, a number of unique ‘know-how’ and own automated tools, creative approach and ISO-style management – this all allows us to provide our customers with thorough and cost-effective services.

Setup Testing COE
Automated and manual software testing
Dedicated testing teams & IV& V Service
Consulting in the field of test methodology, planning, execution & quality assurance practices

Typical Testing Challenges

Industry Challenges

  • Building and maintaining a separate in-house QA expertise
  • Increased collaboration time between development and testing time
  • Need for a central testing organization to synergize knowledge and infrastructure
  • Creating and retaining experts with optimal skill mix of:-
  • üDomain Knowledge
  • üQA Processes
  • Tools & Technologies

Operational Challenges

  • Frequent releases of Products and Applications
  • Ever changing IT platforms, tools and technologies
  • Industry specific Standards Compliances
  • Transparency required by end clients
  • Testing of End solution more important than technology testing

Business Challenges

  • Need for an independent perspective, Accountability
  • Investment on Training and Infrastructure
  • Time-to-market constraints with quick turn around time
  • Special needs like performance benchmarking and volume/stress testing

Independent Verification &Validation Services at Brainwork


Manual,Automation,Performance Testing,Mobile Testing,

Additional Services

Test Consulting

Corporate Trainings



Tech Mahindra,Rites


QTP, Selenium, Jmeter



Independent Verification

Validation Services


Customers – 25+,
Testing Strength – 15+
  • Manual Testing
  • Automation
  • Performance

IV&VS Service Portfolio

Test Consultancy

  • Test Process Assessment
  • Test Process Improvement
  • Tool Evaluation
  • Test Automation Strategies
  • V&V Process Definition & Implementation

Software Validation

  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Specialized Testing Services

  • Performance Testing
  • Automation
  • End to End transaction Testing

Testing Services at Brainwork



Development by 3rd Party

Development by Customer Internal IT

Testing by Brainwork

  1. Training and Skills Enhancement
  2. Knowledge Repository
  3. Automation Expertise
  4. On Demand Testing
  5. Test Lab

Automation Testing

 Automation Strategy

  • Robust and proven
  • Structured approach that addresses :
    – Why to Automate
    – When to Automate
    – What to Automate
    -How to Automate
  • Sustain
  • Tangible benefits

Performance Testing Methodology

Requirements Gathering

  • Define Goals
  • Analyze the Application Under Test
  • Identify Critical Business Processes
  • Gather System Usage Data

Test Planning

  • Test Strategy Development
  • Business Snapshot Development
  • Develop Scripts
  • Build Scenario
  • Dry run the script and Scenario

Test Execution

  • Execution of Tests
  • Baseline Test
  • Performance Test
  • Load Test
  • Peak Load Test
  • Capacity Test
  • Scalability Test
  • Customized Test
  • Security Test

Analysis & Recommendations

  • Gather performance
  • Analyze component  Level performance
  • Pin-point Bottlenecks
  • Interact with System Admin,
    Database Admin, AppServer Admin  isolate
    performance problems
  • Recommend Tuning Components to improve the

Performance Tuning

  • Ascertain the tuning recommendations
  • Identifying tunable components and tune them
  • Deploy the application for Re-run